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USTA Junior Matches

Dear Members,

After long conversations with the other clubs involved in our USTA Junior Team League, I have decided that Marion Indoor Tennis will field two teams for both U14's and U18's.

This means that every other weekend, the U14's team will have a Home match at MITC, and an away Match at either the Brown Billone Club in Easton, or the Lakeville Athletic Club in Lakeville.

Vice versa will be for the U18's team who will also have a Home match and an away match at the Lakeville Athletic Club.

So this Saturday, the U18's team will have a Home match and an away match at Lakeville both at 3pm. 

I will send out weekly emails in regards to the matches and the first people to respond to me will get the Home matches and it will be a trickle down effect from there. I will do my best to make sure everyone gets their fair share of Home and Away matches.

If you would like your kids to play please register them at this link,

Team Numbers:

U14 -4504394127

U18- 4504394128

Karsten Rathlev

Marion Indoor Tennis

(Mobile) 617-851-3849