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COVID-19 Closure until 4/6/2020
Dear Members,
This is the hardest email I've ever had to send in my life.
I have just been contacted by the Marion Town Board of Health and they have told me to shut down all operations to MITC effective immediately until 4/6/2020.
I tried my best to stay open for as long as possible to help the community and keep morale positive.
To everyone who will be missing contract time, the best thing I can offer you is a credit line for the time you will be missing to be deducted from your bills to start of the next season. It will be tough for me to give everyone a refund at this moment due to permanent bills I have contractually.
This is an extremely difficult time for everyone and I understand there will be many questions.
Please call me on my cell phone located below at anytime.
Be smart and stay safe.
We will miss you all.
Thank you.

Karsten Rathlev

Marion Indoor Tennis

(Mobile) 617-851-3849