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1 Event: Special Bay Club Men's Round Robin on 05/22/2018 Start Time: 11:00 AM chick@marionindoortennis.com 05/21/2018
2 Ladies Night POP Tennis Tonight 6:30pm! chick@marionindoortennis.com 05/10/2018
3 Special Bay Club Event for MITC Men's Doubles Players May 22nd 11:00am chick@marionindoortennis.com 05/07/2018
4 Event: Junior Team Session 3 2018 Tuesday 4:30pm on 03/13/2018 Start Time: 4:30 PM chick@marionindoortennis.com 05/06/2018
5 Looking for players for Men's Doubles Friday 11:30-1:00pm chick@marionindoortennis.com 05/03/2018
6 Tuesday Men's Doubles needs 3 players 11:30am tomorrow. Sign up! chick@marionindoortennis.com 04/30/2018
7 Men's Tuesday RR and Ladies POP Thursday night. chick@marionindoortennis.com 04/23/2018
8 Men's Round Robin tomorrow needs 1 more player. Ladies Pop Tennis Needs 3 players for Thursday ! chick@marionindoortennis.com 04/09/2018
9 Looking for 1 more player for Men’s Friday Round Robin at 11:30am. Register now! Mm. chick@marionindoortennis.com 03/22/2018
10 POP Tennis Ladies Night Thursday! 6:30pm -Sign up! chick@marionindoortennis.com 03/20/2018