Session 3 starts Week of March 3/11!

*These are all one time registrations for a 9 week session on each day every week. There will be no clinics during week of April Vacation.


Session 3 


 USTA U14's Clinic 3:30-4:30pm  Click Here   $275

-This clinic is focused on improving your game with instruction on both technique and Doubles strategy. We will use a vast different amount of drills to work on different Doubles situations which will translate to a real game. The last 30mins will be used for match-play with coaching on the sideline


Little Tennis (4-7 Yrs) 4-4:30pm  Click Here   $175

Mini nets and other special equipment will be used to make it easier for young players to learn proper technique. Fun drills and games will help keep participants engaged and focused, followed by point play.

Green/Orange Ball Clinic (7-10yrs)  4:30-5:15pm  Click Here  $215

-This program gives our younger members the foundation of skills while making sure everyone has fun learning the sport of a lifetime. 7-10 year olds have a 45 minute class. 

Junior Academy (U16) 5:30-6:30pm   Click Here $275

-The main goal is to have fun, sweat and hit lots of balls. Basic instruction with point-play at the end and lots of games to make it fun and interactive.


USTA HIgh School Varsity Clinic 10-11:30am (Signup Each Week on Calendar)  $40/each Clinic

-This is our highest level Varsity High School clinic. We will focus on mental strategy and drills will consist of athletic skill, technical and tactical development. This will be a fun and interactive clinic with live ball game play, and dead ball drills to improve footwork. We will focus on conditioning and technique, as well as the mental part of the game which is crucial during competition.